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“You should write a blog.”

My response would be to roll my eyes while my mother’s voice echoed in my head saying, “You’re not that important.” She was right. I’m not.

Then I read Audre Lord saying, “We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t.” 

I am not important. But I have been silent for many years. 

I was silent about childhood sexual molestation, because it was not important. 

I was silent about the damage done to me under fundamentalism, because it was not important. 

I was silent about domestic violence, learned helplessness and the trauma responses that kept me from fully experiencing my life. 

Shame kept me silent, because I was not that important.

Except the silence didn’t save me. 

So I decided the silence needed to end, just in case someone else, someone not that important, might feel less alone. 

From that came this.